Published in 1851, Moby Dick was based in part on author Herman Melville’s own experiences on a whaleship. The novel tells the story of Ahab, the captain of a whaling vessel called The Peequod, who has a three-year mission to collect and sell the valuable oil of whales at the behest of the ship’s owners.

Part I, Chapters 1 to 3:

Part II, Chapters 4 to 9:

Part III, Chapters 10 to 16:

Part IV, Chapters 17 to 22:
Part V, Chapters 23 to 31:
Part VI, Chapters 32 to 36:
Part VII, Chapters 37 to 42
Part VIII, Chapters 43 to 47
Part IX, Chapters 48 to 49
Part X, Chapters 50 to 53
Part XI, Chapter 54
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